Monday, January 3, 2011

New year

2011 wha!? Tis hard to believe another year has passed. I suppose that's how it goes when you're getting older. The Streets have a new album out this year and it's meant to be deadly. Hopefully that means that 2011 will be deadly. I could do with a good year after the last couple I've had. Finished college in May. Hopefully I'll have a job by then or I win the lotto or someone who's loaded decides to give me some money. Thailand in the summer would be good. Just enough money to get there and back is all I ask. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free Stuff

Most of the time free stuff is great. Just the other day I received photoshop for free. I haven't stopped using it since. It's a fantastic program. This Tuesday I'm going to be part of the audience with Jason Byrne for a new TV show RTÉ are doing. Mark will be coming along. They've asked us to bring along crappy gifts we've received over the years. We probably wont as we don't want Mr. Byrne ripping the piss out of us.

Free things which aren't great. Free kicks against your team. Why do players in the wall jump up with their arms in the air? Fabregas did it last week, Ngog this week. Silly penalties to give away.

This is a poor post. Apologies.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Tis been a while since I posted here but sure since I'm back in college I might as well. It beats doing assignments!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Come on you boys in green. Ireland to win 2-0 tonight I reckon. King Kilbane to have a stormer and possibly score a hat-rick. ;)


What a load of crap it is. It's great for the first few weeks. You sit around all day playing GTA and FIFA drinking tea. It's fantastic. But what happens when you finish GTA and FIFA becomes boring? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. I search the internet looking for jobs, the papers, I visit recruitment agents they all say the same thing. Not much work I'm afraid. The tea is still here though and that's great.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eircom League

So the Eircom League is about to implode, disappearing forever. I wonder if it will take the country with it. Probably not seen as most of the country doesn't know it exists or doesn't give a fuck about it.
There's so much guff given to the league about it being shit, hoof ball crap. Of course most of this guff comes not from followers of our beloved league but from haters. It's madness really it's like saying LOST is shit without ever seeing it. How do you know. Some people love it some hate it. I love it. There's nothing better than seeing your team do battle for 90mins with a fierce rival and winning. Many times I've walked out of Dalymount or indeed into the bars in Dalymount after a game with an electric buzz running through my body. A buzz I could never get nor understand getting from sitting in a pub watching a game. It's a special feeling, a unique feeling of being apart of something, belonging to something. It's a connection I wish every football fan could make but alas it can not be.

So all these news stories about teams on the brink of collapse, extinction etc etc is worrying news for all involved. Firstly if all of the teams mentioned (Bohs, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Cobh) go bust the league will be short a few numbers. Secondly it'll give those EL bashers some more fodder. Anyone that's close to the league will know now for a long time that this has been coming. Shelbourne were just a warning of the future to come. Overspending to achieve unattainable goals is suicide.

Unfortunately not everyone saw these warning signs and it would appear disaster is striking for some clubs. Galway and Sligo offloaded a heap of 1st team players in July to deal with mounting debt. Cobh have asked their players (who laughed it off) for €2k loans and have now asked their fans. Bohs have been recklessly spending money (that they may not receive) on spoofer managers, spoofer players and God knows what else. St. Pats recently sacked Michael Keane for being too fat, obviously that was found to be unjust and he will probably receive the rest of his €3k a week contract. Most recently in the news have been Cork City. Now there has been many different incarnations of a Cork football team but they are all before my time. This Cork team however have generally been successful and challenging since I've been around. They've got the biggest fan base in the country and have sold 6 players in the last 3 years to English clubs. So how are they in debt? Well their lovely backers Arkaga have decided to stop putting money into the club for whatever reason. Leaving cork more stranded than a spider down the shitter. They have since gone into examinership probably hoping for the same handy outcome which Shamrock Rovers got a few years back when they only had to pay off a fraction of their debt.

All these situations lead to the obvious question, how is the Eircom League ever going to be made sustainable and successful? Well firstly clubs are going to have to get real and stop spending money they don't have. If this means reverting back to part-time football than so be it. The days of grossly overpaying players must come to an end. The next step is a tricky one it's double edge sword like. Facilities and support. It's said that facilities need to be improved to increase attendances. But why and how are clubs going to improve their facilities if no one is going to their games?? Really and truly what do you need to enjoy a good game a football? 22 players on the pitch, a decent ref, a good view and a roof over your head. Possibly a pint at half time too. If that's all then get your backside down to your nearest Eircom League game give it a shot and stop making excuses. If crowds increase then facilities will fall in line and improve to meet new standards. It's much more difficult to follow, if we build it they will come. If Irish people want their own League to follow, that they can be proud of, that they can enjoy, that they own, they can. The capacity is there, just the mindset is lacking. It's easy to dismiss it and sit in the pub following your team. It can be hard work going to a home game every 2nd week and going around the country for games on the other week. But the rewards are there and they're worth it. If you really love football, you know what to do.

Ah Sure

I felt it was time I started to blog again. I've been filling with with rants and raves but have no one that will put up with them so blogspot here we go. Right now I've been banished to my bedroom, yes you heard right a 24 year old man banished to his room. But I've got cans of Tuborg Gold so it's all good. I hope you're ready for some good old fashioned giving out because that's what I'm best at and there'll be plenty of it.